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Agnes is a farmer with a very small piece of land. She has five children and is the guardian of two children who are both in school. One of her girls is sponsored by TWWP which helps with her education. She feels that she is old and cannot get more income to satisfy the needs of the children so making the kiondos will help put food on the table.

Agnes is married to a farmer. She is happy to be able to make kiondo, which will help in paying for school fees since her two children are heading to the fourth form and she has no money to pay the school and exam fees.

Agnes has a problem with a bad knee and it may also help to pay for the hospital and medical fees. She also as a kid suffered from pneumonia


Agnes managed to get to class seven but had to drop out due to lack of school fees. She believes that if she gets money, she can enroll in adult education to clear fourth form.