Eunice's parents died when she was a child, leaving her an orphan.  In order to support her two siblings, Eunice was forced to depend on the neighbors for food and work in neighboring farms.  She said that life was very hard.


When she grew older, Eunice got married and had nine children.  Through farming, she was able to send one of her children to college.  He is now a doctor.  Of her other children, five have completed high school, two had to drop out of school after eighth grade due to lack of money for tuition, and one has special needs.  Eunice currently lives in a mudhouse compound with her husband and two of their children.  She still farms during the day.  At night, due to a solar light given to her by MGS, she is able to crochet viondo and weave sisal bags.

With the money from her previously sold bags and viondo, Eunice was able to buy two goats, one sheep, food, clothes, a table with chairs, and a bed.  With further sales, Eunice will invest in her children's education and start a shop in the local market.