The Kumbana Makerie 

Building  Details:   Remodel and New Construction.  One story.  4560 sf. Building location is near the equator in an arid region of Kenya.  Materials: stone, stucco, and steel.  
Program Details:   Workshop spaces for skills training and production of sellable goods.  Multi-purpose room for large meetings, presentations, classes, and community events.  Food kitchen for training and to produce goods for the cafe.  Retail space to sell baskets and other goods to anticipated tourist traffic as well as locals.  Four rentable retail stalls to providing income to make the building self-sustaining.  
Design Objectives:  Most buildings in this town are single unit shops that are smaller than the proposed structure.  Varied materials are used to segment the building into individual massings at a scale similar to surrounding structures.  Parapet, shed roof, and decorative ventilation details reference local styles.  And, locally produced materials are employed.  Environmental:  Substantial parts of the existing building will be reused. Passive ventilation through clerestory windows.  Solar PV electric generation.  Water harvesting.  Heat reflective metal roof.  Economical: single story, truss construction with limited new foundation work.  

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