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Janet comes from Kagurini Village. She was married when she was 18 year old. Now 56, Janet has seven children (four boys and three girls). One of her children is in Chuka University. Her first daughter is married and has a PHD.


Janet was able to support her daughter through school with the funding from her kiondos. She and her husband are both farmers. They have one cow, three sheep, and three goats.

Janet made it to class seven but had to drop out due to lack of school fees and she was a girl in the family.

Janet and her family live in a permanent house and a small one for the boys and a semi-permanent building for the older son. They have an outdoor kitchen and a grain storage space. Has solar power but not water. The water source is ½ km to the water pump.

If Janet sells her kiondos she will be able to pay for school fees.  Janet feels proud because she sees a continued connection and that she can continue making her craft. Janet thanks you for buying her kiondo because the money will help her and help someone else.