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Jemimah comes from Kagurini Village. She is 64, married at 25, with five (four boys and one girl). Her children are all married. One of them has a diploma. Jemimah never went to school. She was an orphan and the family that she was living with would not allow her to attend school because they thought that she would become a prostitute. Her only education is from the adult literacy group.

She and her husband farm for money and food. They have ten goats and two cows.

Jeminah has one kitchen, a stone house and a mud brick house for the children.  The stone house has three rooms. They have solar power and running water.

If Jeminah sells her kiondos she will support her son who finished form four to continue school. Jeminah feels proud because she now has a source for her craft. This will be the first time that she has a job. She is happy to be able to keep busy. She is proud of the group that she is in who make baskets because without it she would not be where she is today.  

Jemimah thanks you for assisting her to make a living and giving her something to be proud of.