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Katherine comes from Kagurini Village. She is 39, married at 25, with three (two boys and one girl). The first girl is in class 7, the boy is in class 6, the last one is in class two.  Katherine made it to class seven but had to drop out because her father married a second wife and abandoned her.

She and her husband farm for money and food. They have three goats. Katherine has three mud houses and a grainery. One of the houses is a kitchen. One of the houses is 9’ x 20’ with two rooms. No water or power. The water source is ½ km to the water pump.

If Katherine sells her kiondos she will be able to pay for school fees.  Katherine feels proud because she was not able to get a good education and has never had a job. This will give her self-employment.

Katherine thanks you for giving her some income and helping her start a business.