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Anne grew up in a family of ten children, but unfortunately three of her siblings passed away at a young age. She attended school, but at the age of nine dropped out because her family was struggling. Many of the children became sick with the measles and the family needed to use their income to pay for medical bills. She lost her brother to the illness, and they could no longer afford the treatments which left her very ill and scared. Her mother comforted her and supported while fighting the illness. Anne recovered without medical help, she was thankful for the strength she learned from her mother and from God.

When she was 20, Anne got married and had the first of five children. Her first-born studies in vocational college, three attend primary school, and the last born is still an infant. Recently she joined the adult literacy group and gained skills in financial management, which her husband and her use to buy and sell livestock using the strategies she learned. Being a part of the adult literacy group makes her incredibly happy because she loves learning new things and spending time with the community of women.

On an average day, Anne wakes up and makes breakfast for the family. When they leave for school, she does the household chores and then spends one hour fetching water. She is able to crochet while walking and again later for about one hour each evening. With an infant to care for, she struggles to make more than one basket each month. Her favorite part of the day is when she wakes up knowing that she is healthy and able to provide for her family.

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