MGS is proud to be partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Students from all over campus have helped work on projects that make lives just a little bit easier.  Current success stories include solar powered, battery operated lamps for under $2.50 each, a vest for transporting water, and an empowerment journal for young girls who have experienced trauma. 

In 2016 UW students where tasked with the design challenge of creating a light source for less than $2.50.  The challenge also included the need to train women how to make the lamps in Kenya. The result was a simple,  low tech, and easy to produce LED lamp. Students received a grant for this project and were able to refine the lamps and even reduce the cost!  In January 2018, they traveled to Kenya and trained eighty girls and several adult literacy groups how to make their own lamps. These lamps serve to help children study at night and provide opportunities for women to work on making baskets after dark. It was a huge success and is a project that MGS will continue to support. Student received the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship award for this project.

Solar Lamps

In 2017 students were tasked with developing a simple and cheap way to transport water.  Using retired sails from a boating club at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, students developed a simple water vest. This vest balances out the distribution of water equally on the front and back of the body.  Carrying 20 liters of water is now effortless, takes the pressure off of the back, and allows the user to be hands free!  Other uses for the vest are carrying food, a baby, and seeds for planting. Students received the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship award and will be traveling to Kenya to perfect their project!